I believe our pets deserve better. They deserve to look better and feel better, to be better loved and better cared for. That’s why I groom pets, with premium products, practiced skill, and generous love. That’s why I give them a true spa day. Because I believe in doing everything I can to give our pets better.

Whether you’re looking for salon services for your dog, cat, or small pet, I am the groomer for you!

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In the salon…

Dogs in Suds Grooming is a professional pet grooming salon located in Saint Charles, Missouri, located at 1329 Caulks Hill Rd.  It has been professionally styling the local dogs and cats for nearly four decades, and it is currently the home of me, Stephaney Kemper, Certified Feline Master Groomer and professional pet stylist!  You can read more about me here.


I do my best to offer the highest quality service, with the least amount of stress, and the finest results possible.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs, are professionally groomed one on one.  Your pet’s comfort and safety will always be my highest priority, but I do my best to cater to each pet parent’s ideal services so each pet leaves looking and feeling their best!  


Pricing can vary depending on a lot of things: the pet’s breed, size, age, coat condition, services, temperament, and frequency of grooming… but generally speaking, prices fall into the following ranges:


** Prices are subject to change per individual pet and services desired. **

**Pets must be current on vaccinations and under 40 pounds.**

**ALL SERVICES are by appointment only!***


Bath & Tidy

Small Animals $30 to $50     Cats $60 to $80     Dogs $35 to $65


Massaging Bath with Shampoo and Conditioner

Fluff Blow Dry

Thorough Brushing & De-shedding

Nail Trimming & Filing

Ear Cleaning

Sanitary Clipping of Potty Area

Trimming of Face & Paws

Love & Treats!


Full Service Groom

Cats $95 to $115     Dogs $55 to $95


Everything included in the Bath & Tidy service

Full Body Trimming or Haircut


** Prices are subject to change per individual pet and services desired. **

**Pets must be current on vaccinations and under 40 pounds.**

**ALL SERVICES are by appointment only!**


Extra Love Needed…  +$10 to $50

If your pet is overdue for grooming and has collected extra undercoat or tangles, an additional fee may apply to cover the extra work needed to get your pet feeling their best again.


Nail Caps Application…  +$15 to $20

A partial or full set of nail caps can be applied for an additional fee per pet.  Price varies depending on how many paws will get nail caps, as well as behavior of the pet.  Depending on the pet’s activity and tolerance, nail caps should last several weeks, but there are no guarantees.  Pet owner must provide nail cap set, fee is for application only!


Flea Bath… +$20

If you know your pet has fleas, or fleas are discovered during the groom I will perform a thorough flea-killing bath and follow up with an enriching conditioner, as well as a thorough cleaning to limit the spread to other pets.


Pawdicure Only… $15

Have your pet’s nails trimmed and filed as short as possible.  By appointment only!



** Prices may vary per individual pet and services desired. **


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    Give your precious pet the spa day she deserves! A one on one visit with an educated and experienced groomer you both can trust, with the highest quality products and all the love she can handle!

Give your pet better!

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