Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to make my appointment?


If it's for a holiday or a special event, we recommend making your appointment as soon as you know what date you'll need. That way you are assured of the date. If you need a weekend, we recommend a week in advance. If you are flexable on dates, two to three days in advance are recommended. Though when possible we are happy to take same day appointments!

How often should I bring my pet in for grooming?


About every 6 weeks is average, but longer cuts may need to come in once a month while short hair pets can come in less often. It all depends on your pet and your lifestyle.

At what age should I start getting my pet groomed?


Anytime after 8 weeks old! Actually the younger the better, even if it's just for a bath and nail trim. Getting puppies and kittens used to it early makes for good grooming experiences throughout their life.

How long will my pet be there?


It usually takes 3-4 hours from your appointment time. Often less, and occasionally on very busy days or if your pet has special needs, a little longer. We always give an approximate pick up time when you drop off so you can budget your time.

Why do I need to show third party proof of Rabies and DHLPP vaccinations?


Not all shops require both vaccinations (some don't even require Rabies!) but the health and safety of our staff and your pet is always our first concern. We ask that the vaccinations be given by a vetrinarian so we know that they were given correctly and there is documentation. When you leave your pet with us, you can be assured that all pets left in our care are current on their vaccinations.

I need my pet back by a certain time, can you do that?


Sure! Just tell us when you are making your appointment that your pet needs to be done by a specific time and we will be happy to work with you!!  If you realize there is a time conflict on your appointment day, please let us know when you drop your pet off and we will do our absolute best to accomodate your schedule. If that isn't possible you may need to make arrangements for someone else to pick up or reschedule. 

I can't be back to pick up right away, is that ok?


We appreciate all pets being picked up when they are ready, but we understand that sometimes you can't.



If you are having your dog groomed,just let us know when you make the appointment that your dog will be staying with us longer than usual so we can make accomodations. Or let us know when you drop off that you think your dog may have to stay an extra hour or two. Due to the extra care involved, dogs staying several extra hours may incur a day care charge. (note that daycare may not be available with same day notice.)


 If you are having your kitty groomed, daycare is not available at this time. We ask that you book on a day that you will be available, or make arrangements with a friend or family member, to pick up when your kiity is ready. Being away from home is much more stressful for cats than dogs. We get them groomed as quickly as possible, so you can get them back to their comfort zone. 

What if there's an emergency and I can't pick up my pet?


Don't worry!  We have a conditional boarding license and will always make sure your pet is safe and well cared for. If you can, always call and let us know of the problem. But in rare circumstances that your pet is left after closing time, with no previous arrangements made and you cannot be reached or can't call us, your pet will be exercised, fed, and boarded with water available. A boarding fee will be added to the grooming charge.

Do you tranquilized the pets?


NO! We would never give your pet anything (even treats) without your permission. If a tranquilizer is needed for the safety of your pet or the groomer we ask that you talk to your veterinarian, tell him/her it is for grooming, and follow your veterinarian's instructions.

Can I bring my own shampoo?


Absolutely! If your veterinarian has prescibed a shampoo for skin problems we will be happy to use that shampoo per instructions on the bottle. Or if you have a particular favorite, feel free to bring it along! If you want, we will even keep your labled bottle here so it's always on hand!

Can I stay with my pet while it's being groomed?


Our shop is small and you are always welcome to stay in the lobby so you can hear all that is going on. But your pet gets so happy when you are near the grooming table or your pet hears your voice that grooming time becomes longer and the extra movement increases the chance of your pet being cut. Also, remember you are a stranger to the other pets in the shop, which adds stress to those pets. As always, your pet's safety comes first. So while you are certainly welcome to stay, we ask that you try to keep it a secret from your pet!

Should I feed my pet before grooming?


It is generally not a good idea to feed your pet before grooming. The excitement of being here can intensify the need to relieve themselves. Often this happens in the cage or on the table, resulting in a longer grooming time and added charges due to rebathing, redrying and clean ups. It is easier on your pet to wait until your pet is at home and relaxed for feeding.

Why was my pet shaved?


Unless your pet is excessively matted, we always try to brush/comb any tangles out of your pet's coat before we would shave it. ( In grooming 'shaving' refers to a very short haircut, usually 1/4" or shorter, not hairless ) Not all tangles can be or should be brushed/combed out. Kindness to your pet is always our first concern. Tearing tangles out can be painful and possibly damage the skin. If you would like, we can show you how to brush/comb your pet as it grows out to prevent tangles and matting in the future.

What if my pet has fleas?


If you know your pet has fleas, let us know when you drop off so we can start treating the problem right away! If we find fleas at any point during grooming, your pet will be given a natural non-toxic flea treatment which will be added to the grooming charge.

What if I want the face a little shorter after I get home?


Just give us a call!! Our groomers do their best to understand how you want your pet's hair cut during the initial consultation, and we encourage you to look your pet over when you pick up. Occasionally, though, you may decide you would like something touched up a bit after you get home. Give us a call within 7 days of your grooming, and we will be happy to touch up the grooming at no charge. (Touch ups after 7 days will incur a charge.)